Pushkin and The Burned Letter and Tucci-Never to be Read

Pushkin and The Burned Letter and Tucci-Never to be Read.


The Burned letter

Farewell, Letter of Love! farewell: it’s her desire.

How long did I delay! How long refused, in ire,

I to destroy the single joy of mine!…

Enough! The time has come. Burn, scripts of love divine.

I’m ready; nothing else can call for my sad soul…

Now the greedy flame is touching its form whole…

A minute!… it is flamed and blazing – smoke, light,

With my bitter laments, is flying of my sight.

And now the ring’s stamp forfeited its form previous –

It’s boiling – the seal wax… O, Providence of Heavens!

That’s all! The letter’s leaves are twisted, now black;

On their light ashes their well known track

Is whitening… My heart is squeezed. Oh, dear ashes,

In my sad destiny, my poor consolations,

Forever lie on breast, so fully, fully wracked…



Never to be Read

I wanted to tell you

How much I loved you

I wrote a birthday poem for you

From the heart and the soul

My thoughts and love were bared

Naked for you to behold

You would know how deep my feelings were

How much I cared for you

And loved you

When the day of your birth came

I could not send it

I could not let you know

How much I yearned for you

I could not let you see inside my secret being

My deepest thoughts

I just could not let you know

I could not bring myself to tell you

What you meant to me

Instead I kept it

Never to be seen

Never to be read

For you to never see my folly

And how foolish I’ve become

I wish that I could have let you know

How joyful I was

That on this day

You graced the earth

And made the world a better place

And let me know what the deep deep Russian love

That you once explained to me

Really is

My note wil lie buried

Never to be read nor seen

Of no value

Or purpose

Just a note of affection

That the intended will never receive

My little note

Will someday be destroyed

When my papers are discarded

And turned to ashes

Having never been read by you my beloved






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