Pushkin-In Her Shade Impossible to Seek Another Pretty Maid

Pushkin-In Her Shade Impossible to Seek Another Pretty Maid.

The Maiden


I always said to you: beware the maiden dear!

I knew she lures hearts with strengths she can’t forebear.

Oh, my presumptuous friend! I knew that in her shade

Impossible to seek another pretty maid.

And, having lost his hope, forgot of treason’s pleasures,

In her vicinity a thoughtful youngster blazes,

Pets of great gods and captains of fate’s fleets

Bring their love prayers to her charming feet;

But all their ardency is scorned by the girl proud –

Which, cast down her glance, not sees nor hears around.


An Hour

I met her

Only for an hour

But it was an hour of my life

That I never will forget

The blue jacket

The white blouse

The long tan skirt

All graced by the smile

The smile of a goddess

And an angel combined

Her brown locks pulled back

The face with a radiant glow

Just for a short moment

The blink of an eye

In the time of the universe

But I will never be the same

Her face is to be forever etched in my mind

Her loveliness to be ensconced in my soul and in my heart

I will never see her again

But the sight of her

I never will forget

And I will never feel the same again

For any other woman.

For me

There will be only one woman

Whom I would ever want to with on our beloved earth

She robbed me of my love for others

But it is a price I would gladly pay

To have spent an hour

In her presence.


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