Drapes: Six Ways they can Expand a Room


I have been trapped inside since last Tuesday, enjoying my beloved garden wistfully through the windows.  Today, it is pouring and dark, so this morning while opening blinds and drapes to let in what light there is, I made special note of how the drapes frame and enhance the outdoor scenery (something that I fully intended when designing/buying those drapes).

If you live in a climate where the weather traps you indoors for large portions of the year, as I do, these considerations are more obvious to you, but they are useful in any climate.

When I decorated my first home(s) my design experience was minimal although I was well-versed in the general principles.  I loved pattern and colour (Ontario weather can do that to you) and could not resist putting stunning, lively fabrics over every available window.  Each covered window was its own story.

In time, I collected experience and…

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