How Nigeria’s Boko Haram and Iraq’s ISIS are similar.

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               Some days ago, when I saw the news headline ‘Boko Haram declares an Islamic Caliphate in Gwoza, Borno State of Nigeria‘, my mind immediately analyzed the similarities between Boko Haram of Nigeria and the Islamic State (ISIS) of Iraq and I decided to write about it. The first thing I must highlight is that the both groups are radical Islamic extremists (Jihadists) and have both been responsible for deaths of hundreds of thousand of people in Iraq and Nigeria.
     Some weeks after the ISIS militants shocked the world by defeating Iraq’s military in less than a week, they declared an Islamic caliphate comprising of large portions of land in Iraq and Syria. Now, Boko Haram whose leader, Abubakar Sheka has openly expressed support for ISIS leadership, has declared a so-called ‘Islamic State’ in Gwoza, Borno State, Northern Nigeria. Boko Haram’s main objective is to establish…

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