I’m black. Nothing special about that right?



I live in a tiny country somewhere in Europe with a population of about 17 million people, predominantly white. I’m black. Nothing special about that right?

Not starting a racial discussion right now, but i have noticed one or two things that are, well, interesting.

For instance. Stepping into a train and sitting next to someone and the person starts speaking English to me instead of the local language. Ok….

And when I do speak the local language: “Wow! You really don’t have a foreign accent at all, you are so well spoken! How come?

Or when someone asks me directions, their articulation changes from normal to kindergarten level hoping, that way, I will understand. Doo-yoou-knoow-the-wayyy…(uses sign language).

What about going for a job interview (after their diversity policy forced them to overlook the ethnic sound of my surname) and having four big eyes staring at you whiles you…

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