Neglected and Forgotten?


This is my first attempt at poetry. Wrote this on the spot in college when i found out that I had registered myself for poetry recitation competiton instead of debate :). We were asked to recite original poems about women-issues in lieu of International Women’s Day and, astonishingly, I won! Can you believe it?!

The painting too is a result of my relentless nocturnal doodling. I felt that it fit right into the rhythm of my poem.


I lie in the dark corner of the room
Lamenting my birth and existence
I shut my eyes, yet, the darkness is the same
My tears have dried, but my heart’s still wailing.
I had once dreamt of standing tall
Making my own mark in the world
But, you pushed me into a bottomless pit
Bearing the marks of the world.
You tell me there is still hope
That all is not lost

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2 responses to “Neglected and Forgotten?

  1. Thank you so much for the appreciation 🙂 it means a lot 🙂

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