Disparity in Sympathy….Paris Attack vs Nigerian Massacre

The Spring of India

While the world was busy condemning the Paris Terror attack, Poor Nigerians were Facing  One of the Deadliest Terror  attack in the history.Thousands of Bodies ..whole Village Burnt……Acc. to Amnesty International ,Nigerian Massacre where 2000 people were killed is one of the Deadliest in History.

Despite this ,the World paid attention to only one type of Terrorism, that faced by Society of Elites and Affluent,not by the  Poor and Marginalised.Why did the  world Ignore the Nigerian Massacre?what makes one incident more newsworthy than the other?

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Paris Attack                                                                              Baga Massacre

I haven’t Witnessed any special Coverage of the Nigerian Massacre  like the Paris Attack by the International Media …

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