Kupala Night

Glorialana Magazine

Hello God!

Thank You for my roots. When I think about how many people had lived before my birth I am mesmerized by the thought “they all lived to make my being possible on this planet”. I am Slavonic. My mother is Belorussian and father has a Polish roots. Today we celebrate Ivan Kupala’s Night.


This night is always filled with miracles: you may hear the whisper of herbs and see mermaids, watch trees change places and witness the bright light of the blossoming fern flower.


The fire is miraculous and detoxifying tonight. If you are courage enough to jump over the fire you will stay healthy all year.


Tonight a magical rituals are allowed. Girls make wreaths from wild flowers and add a nettle to it, which reflects the essence of a mermaid concealed in every girl. They push the wreath into the river and get rid of the…

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