Gardening under a Black Walnut Tree


Winter is a great time to plan changes in your garden, or to plan a new garden.  One of the most restrictive obstacles to have in your garden is a large Black Walnut tree.  These trees, while lovely to look at in summer, have somehow evolved to eliminate all competing vegetation from their environment.  They do this by disseminating a powerful toxin into the earth and onto other plants through their root systems, by way of the leaves, nuts and stems they shed during the year, and also, possibly by shedding their toxins into rain and water that falls onto them and into your garden.

Black Walnut Garden this past July

When I first encountered this enemy, I was unaware of its evil intentions.  I had conceived of a long, lush, undulating garden under the shade of my neighbor’s pretty trees running down the property line as far as I…

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