Intellectuals Vs. Intelligent People

Mr Liu's Opinions

What is the difference between an intellectual and an intelligent person? The intelligent person is someone, who has the capacity to respond to mental challenges, deducing logic, inferring hints and understanding complex subject matter upon explanation. He may have varying degrees of curiosity and interest, and it would depend on the subject that he has become familiar with. Even unknown subjects, when explained coherently, they would be well adapted to pick up the logic of it, and conduct intelligent conversations around them. Under street slang, there is the generally known difference between book-smart and street-smart, and both categories would fit well with the description of an intelligent person. The book-smart, reading books most of his time, can relate what he has read through his reasoning ability, and that builds a formidable trove of knowledge and reasoning power. That, so popular culture recognizes, is the mark of intelligence. Especially, it is…

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