Pride is a virtue not a vice


People always act as if pride is evil. When pride is handled well its the best tool in the world. I am proud of my pride, ego, standard and principles. Of course too much of anything is bad for you and pride is one of them. Pride gets too much slack so i feel like celebrating it/her.

  • Yesterday I jogged 3 miles in 25 mins, I DO NOT JOG and i dont like it either. However my pride was on the line when I told my friends i was gonna jog on facebook. after 2 mins i realised the destination was too far 5X further than i thought. I couldn’t havem knowing I tried and failed so I did it …some how. I’m proud of that. muscles still killing me tho 😦
  • When I rollerblade to commute in front of loads of people who are definitely watching me. Its my…

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