Sleeping Rough In loughborough, My Second Deadly All-Nighter


If you read my first All-Nighter story you will be very familiar with how I respond to pride and shame. You’re probably shaking your head thinking this guy does not learn. You’re right to believe that cos chances are I’d do it again.However, this is a different story. Pride wasn’t the motivator here It was a mixture stupidity living the moment and bad luck. despite the shame that comes with my stories I never regret the moment and experience especially cos now I get to tell you about another awesome journey of mine.

Term had just finished Exams were over and it was the only few points in my life where I can do anything at anytime and not regret it the next morning boy o boy was I wrong. A lot of friends had gone home the rest of us were partying, still packing and just tryna stay away…

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