The Failure Of The Media And The Lost Of Its Ethics And Credibility

The Pen Judge:

In the field of media for the past twenty years, I often heard people saying negative things about the press. It really hurts sometimes to hear such bad comments about the media. For example, how would a policeman feel, when he hears someone saying “Every police man is a criminal or a thief?” The same way I feel very bad when I hear someone saying journalists are far from the truth and are bias.

Media 1

There are thousands of reasons that have ruined or soiled the reputation of the media. We can’t list all of them but we know that the profession, journalism, has totally lost its credibility and ethics. One of the ethics governing journalism is, a journalist should remain neutral, not at all affiliated to any political party, unfortunately many journalists favour certain political parties and spew fire on other political parties they hate.

The career of journalists has…

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