I had missed him. It had been 5 days since we’d

slept next to eachother I was tired

after 3

whiskeys and 3 long days I was half asleep while

we kissed and I may have been drunker than I

thought because I can barley remember him

sinking in.

Morning came too soon ‘n’ my

eyes burned in their sockets.

I left him pulling

up his pants while the dog sniffed his


Pulling on my shoes at a stop light I made it just in time

the car overheating

the smell of burnt oil seeping the cracks

of the valve.

I mixed the epoxy in an old strawberry carton with a child’s paint brush

filling as best I could any obvious source of the leak.

I made chicken nuggets for the kids lunch and I could still smell his sweat on my skin just enough to transport me back…

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