The Beach Property With Everything Imaginable – Santa Rosa Beach, Florida

Property for sale on the Sun-kissed sand dunes of Walton County, Florida, the magical place on the Gulf of Mexico, with its emerald and turquoise waters, sugar sands, and coastal dune lakes.

This piece of unimproved land has direct unfettered access to the Gulf of Mexico and is situated approximately 250 yards from the water’s edge. It sits perched high on a sand dune, and 300 feet to the back of the property is Lake Allen which is a coastal dune lake, depicted in the video which accompanies this announcement. See the YouTube video at .

A recorded easement and perfectly maintained drive brings you to the back of the property where you enter under a canopy of Florida foliage to a building pad which has already been constructed.

Coming in to the front of the property from America’s famous route 30A, which runs along the Gulf, is a brand new road which leads directly into the property. This not an asphalt or concrete road, but is in total keeping with the surrounding sands just as you will find in places like Southampton, Long Island, Nantucket and Martha’s Vineyard. Privacy is a plus for the property.

All utilities including water, sewer and underground electric and cable are available, and were recently connected to a neighboring property. The property is zoned for and is suitable for a 3 story summer or year-round house and swimming pool. Views of the Gulf abound to the east, west and south. The lake to the north is easily seen from a second story.

If you truly want to purchase a piece of paradise call  Caryl GibsonREALTOR®  Direct: 850-685-7086 Office: 850-267-2121 Fax: 850-267-3759 at Dune Allen Realty Sales, Inc. 5200 W. Scenic Hwy. C-30A Santa Rosa Beach, FL 32459.

South Walton is truly a special place for everyone, from families to retirees. Fly into the airports in either Pensacola, 35 miles to the east, or Pensacola, 60 miles to the west.  It is a five hour drive from Atlanta. Caryl will take you on a tour of the property, Dune Allen and Santa Rosa Beach. We thank you for inquiring.

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One of America’s Last Great Undeveloped Parcels on the Gulf of Mexico

Gulf of Mexico (ocean-access) Property and Lot For Sale in the Most Beautiful Part of Florida, the North West Panhandle in South Walton County with the Greatest Beaches in the World. Walton County is home to 15 named Coastal Dune Lakes along 26 miles of coastline. These lakes are a unique geographical feature, and are only found in Madagascar, Australia, New Zealand, Oregon, and in Walton County, Florida.  Take a 3 minute look at this YouTube video to see one of the most beautiful locations in the entire United States . This is exactly where this property is located.

The subject property sits high on a sand-dune in Dune Allen with direct unobstructed views of the Gulf, just on the other side the famous road 30A which runs along the Gulf. (The header picture which accompanies this description shows the exact beach that you can walk to and use to your heart’s delight) Less than 300 feet behind this lot is Lake Allen, named in the YouTube Video. It is perfect for canoeing, paddle boarding and sailing. The vista of Lake Allen in the morning as the sun rises is so peaceful and tranquil and full of nature that it will stir your soul.

A County nature park sits on the Gulf across from the property ensuring that no one will ever build in front of you and block out the view, and which provides you with absolute unrestricted beach access to the white sands and warm turquoise waters of the Gulf. You can walk for miles and the sunsets are amongst the best in America.

Within easy walking distance, Santa Rosa Golf & Beach Club boasts eighteen holes of “The Purest Golf In the Florida Panhandle” according to Golf Magazine. Each hole offers a fair challenge and unique character only found among the Highway 30A corridor and the Santa Rosa Beach area. Selected as a Readers Choice by Florida Golf Magazine, Santa Rosa Golf & Beach Club is the only course in the area where two holes back up to the Gulf of Mexico. With seven sets of tees, every type of golfer has a fair chance at conquering the course. A shot maker’s paradise, the course demands accuracy for risk-reward but is forgiving to those that choose to play it safe. A member of Audubon International, the course meanders through natural wildlife habitats and native areas providing a picturesque backdrop of the local area. The Beach Club is perched directly on the Gulf.

This property is for sale at the price of $370,000. Imagine trying to buy an ocean access piece of property in Miami Beach or Palm Beach for that amount of money. The property is 216 feet on its longest side. A brand-new road, which blends in perfectly with the surrounding soil texture, leads right into the foot of the property, creating a secluded driveway. Another driveway to the property lies under a canopy of foliage and leads to a building pad facing the Gulf.

If you truly want to purchase a piece of paradise call  Caryl GibsonREALTOR®  Direct: 850-685-7086 Office: 850-267-2121 Fax: 850-267-3759 at Dune Allen Realty Sales, Inc. 5200 W. Scenic Hwy. C-30A Santa Rosa Beach, FL 32459.   If you cannot contact Caryl at any time, call the owner James Tuthill at 561 891 3930 and he will put you in touch with Caryl. Or Email him at

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