“One Good Daughter” by James Tucci The Mafia Novel of the 2000’s

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About “One Good Daughter” and the Author

     James Tucci, trial lawyer and raconteur, takes you on an underworld journey, from a mob kingpin’s humble beginnings in Sardinia, Italy, to his meteoric rise through the ranks of the Mafia, seemingly ending with his daughter seated at the height of legitimate corporate power and prestige.

Drawing upon over twenty years of experience as an attorney and counselor to criminals operating on the Eastern Seaboard, Tucci paints a vivid picture of a Mafia Don’s undoing… the violent torture and murder of an underling, who has gone into the drug business for himself, stealing profits from the family.

John Vittone, the under-boss of the Pucchini family, and the man who commands an international ring of drug couriers traveling the skies and seas to deliver heroin and cocaine to Mob distributors in the United States, is a true life composite of the men whom Tucci has spent a lifetime representing.

In a scene taken from an actual case, the murdered soldier’s family seeks revenge against Vittone for exacting the ultimate punishment of death for what they consider a minor transgression.

To attack Vittone, his rivals resort to the previously unthinkable. For centuries it has been a badge of honor amongst the Sicilian gangsters that no child of a wise guy shall ever be harmed for the sins of a father. However, in the late Nineties, the Mafia in the United States has become fragmented. Gang members have turned upon one another. Omerta, the sacred code of silence, has been broken. A wronged soldier’s relatives will now turn upon another made man’s good daughter to exact retribution.

Knowing that a frontal assault upon Vittone will result in their own extermination, Vittone’s enemies instead plot to plant drugs in the Manhattan cooperative of his beautiful and sophisticated daughter, later tipping the police off to the whereabouts of the hidden contraband.

It is the vaunted FBI which receives the information to search the gorgeous litigator’s apartment where two kilos of cocaine are found planted amongst her belongings. As she is fingerprinted and photographed at Rikers Island Federal Detention Center, Vittone’s only child stares at the wall and sees her life and career disappearing in front of her.

The accused Pia Vittone is a five foot-eight, black haired beauty, with the emerald green eyes that so many native Sardinian women are known for. Her father has put her through the best schools, and upon graduating from Columbia Law School, she is courted by the top international law firm on Wall Street. After winning a trial for one of her biggest foreign clients, she vaults into the senior partner’s corner office, across from the World Trade Center in New York, and her life is never better than in the months before her arrest.

Her shrewd and composed father orchestrates her defense and hires the toughest and sharpest lawyer in the City, a lawyer cast in the mold of Tucci himself, the renowned Leslie Gabrielson. Known as the “Shark,” by her fellow members of the Bar, she prowls the courtrooms of lower Manhattan and cross examines into oblivion the witnesses who dare to testify against her clients.

Armed with a top private investigator, a chain lightning intellect and some help from John Vittone and his Sardinian cousin, Gabrielson sets out to prove her gorgeous client’s innocence.

Tucci’s story takes you from Vittone’s early life in war ravaged Italy, to the seminary he abandons; from the night life of Miami Beach in the Sixties, to the most exciting city in the world, New York, where all of Vittone’s guile and brilliant planning threaten to send his beloved daughter to prison for the rest of her life.

     Come along with James Tucci as he takes you directly inside the lives of a Mafia Princess and her calculating father, who combine through their blind love for one another to fight the forces that try to break them apart and the world they have created.

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A Glimpse at the Characters

JOHN VITTONE, sixty-three, and a native Sardinian, is the mastermind of the drug arm of the Pucchini Family, one of the five crime syndicates in the New York area. The prodigy of a father shot down in cold blood when he refused to do business with the local mob, he is the product of a Catholic seminary, who finally decided that his talents were better suited to a life of drug smuggling. Vittone keeps a low profile while conducting his drug activities, through his bank of computers and screens tracking the twenty four hours-a-day activities of his forty drug couriers. He knows the identity of every drop-off point and contact, without ever relying upon a single piece of paper. A quiet man, he is capable of resorting to murder and violence when pushed. His daughter, Pia, is all that he lives for since his wife died and he seeks greatness for her in the legitimate world. But now, Vittone’s assassination of Sal Alegri and the man’s Sicilian uncle, brings his daughter to the brink of disaster.PIA VASSAR, is every father’s dream come true: five foot ten, blessed with the green eyes of a Sardinian girl, long black hair and the brains and charm of a Columbia Law graduate. At eighteen, she changes her name at her father’s suggestion so that she will not be associated in the public mind with his nefarious ways. She enters the elite world of an international Wall Street law firm at twenty-five, and at thirty-six she becomes a senior partner, traveling the globe to navigate the choppy waters of international statutes. It’s a rather perfect life until one day she enters her magnificently decorated co-op, on the West Side, and finds herself surrounded by four Federal lawmen armed with a search warrant. They quickly uncover a cache of drugs that have been planted in her closet by several swarthy men only hours ago. She is charged with four RICO violations, carrying a possible ten to twenty years in jail and the forfeiture of all of her family’s wealth. She is in the fight of her life!

JOHN F. HAMPTON, handsome, Princeton educated, forty-six, columnist for the New York Daily News, with a daily readership of one million and a Pulitzer Prize for his recent expose` entitled, “The New York Mob and its Pact with the Mayor,” knows every major politician in the country and is a fixture on the charity circuit. He can get the inside information on any celebrity, politico or Mafia Don by merely picking up the phone. He runs into Pia at P.J. Clarke’s in midtown Manhattan, and for the first time in his long list of amorous adventures, is totally captured by her charm. He does everything within the power of his pen to vindicate her and salvage her tottering career.

TOMMY “BOOTS” PUCCHINI, is the fifty year old Don of the Pucchini Family, based primarily out of Queens, the eastern-most borough on Long Island. Named for his fetish of putting his enemies in cement shoes and then dropping them into the Atlantic, Pucchini’s family is distantly related by blood ties to Vittone. The clan left Sardinia in 1911, but uses its native contacts in the lucrative heroin and cocaine trade. Favors are exchanged periodically between the American and European sides of the Family and Vittone is welcomed with open arms to bring with him to New York all of his drug contacts built up in a career of dope peddling. Vittone rises quickly through the ranks, and his brains give him a distinct advantage over his American cousins. Tommy Pucchini puts him in charge of a billion-dollar-a-year ring that earns millions in profits for the Family and over a million a year in salary for Vittone. However, business is business, and when one of Vittone’s henchmen skims profits from the Family, Pucchini quietl y tells Vittone that he must mete out the usual punishment and restore the Family honor. Pucchini receives permission from the Commission for the contract.

LESLIE GABRIELSON, is known around the Federal Courthouse as “The Shark”. She prowls the hallways of the criminal justice division, seeking loopholes and technicalities that will free her clients. She is as tough on judges as with opposing counsel and her style is no holds barred, winner takes all. She orchestrates Pia’s defense, and commands her private investigators and paralegals to precisely execute her strategies. The smallest detail that can be the difference between winning and losing never escapes her.

MIKE MCKENNA, is the quintessential New York Private I. A former Marine Master Sergeant in the Military Police, he is as tough as they come. Burly and ruddy, he can use charms or threats as a situation warrants to elicit from any recalcitrant witness the facts that Leslie Gabrielson needs to win her case. He finally breaks down the two-bit-con-men who take on Vittone and his daughter and gets them to see the light. His world is one of late night bars and mid day alliances with the women who love him, and his mind is a map of every corner of the metropolis, complete with every character who roams its sidewalks.

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