Does this man look scary to you??

My name is James Tuthill, and I am the co-host of the world-wide Internet radio show, Springtime in Moscow. We really do have some very good, informative, entertaining, serious and sometimes funny shows. We broadcast 24/7, on WWW.I-NETRADIO.COM


I have come across some very talented, smart and engaging people on the WordPress blog.I would love for any and all of you to come on my show by video conferencing , Skype, and record a segment with me on some of the subjects on your blog. We will pre-record, and if you hate the segment we will burn it and not play it!!


I am a good host and a former trial lawyer. Listen for 5 minutes to the show, and you will see that you would have a good time. Don’t be shy; I’m not scary.Contact me at and we’ll set up a recording time. And you can promote whatever you are doing!


Thanks, James

via Does this man look scary to you??.