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What Do People Around the for? Do Their Wishes Come True? Tues Aug 25 at 1, 4, 7, 10 PM EDT NY – 10 AM San Francisco Los Angeles – 12 Noon Chicago- 6 PM London – 7 PM Copenhagen – 8 PM Moscowhappiness 3 Kiev

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Russian- American Entrepreneur- Business Freedom Through Technology

Russian- American Entrepreneur- Business Freedom Through Technology.


Russian Entrepreneur goes to Silicon Valley; starts company, now the biggest in mobile application direct printing. Michael Pastushkov will tell you about becoming free to pursue your dreams through technology. Become independent, grow, maintain, changing along the way, exiting, and loving what you do. With Larissa Wilms-Bailley. On www.i-netradio.com at 1, 4,7,10 PM NY time 9 Pm and Midnight Moscow on Mon, Aug 26.

James Tucci-The Flame Never dies

James Tucci-The Flame Never dies.


Where is the woman I long for

She has gone way

It seems strange

For this time of year

This is the place that she should be

I do not know whether to worry

Or even to care

I have not seen her

For many a day

I am sure she does not even think of me

Nor have any interest in where I am

She has no concern for my being

But I cannot expunge her from my mind

She lives inside me

So I sit here and wonder

Of whom she is with

And where she resides

And of course


My flame for her never dies

Pushkin-In Her Shade Impossible to Seek Another Pretty Maid

Pushkin-In Her Shade Impossible to Seek Another Pretty Maid.

The Maiden


I always said to you: beware the maiden dear!

I knew she lures hearts with strengths she can’t forebear.

Oh, my presumptuous friend! I knew that in her shade

Impossible to seek another pretty maid.

And, having lost his hope, forgot of treason’s pleasures,

In her vicinity a thoughtful youngster blazes,

Pets of great gods and captains of fate’s fleets

Bring their love prayers to her charming feet;

But all their ardency is scorned by the girl proud –

Which, cast down her glance, not sees nor hears around.


An Hour

I met her

Only for an hour

But it was an hour of my life

That I never will forget

The blue jacket

The white blouse

The long tan skirt

All graced by the smile

The smile of a goddess

And an angel combined

Her brown locks pulled back

The face with a radiant glow

Just for a short moment

The blink of an eye

In the time of the universe

But I will never be the same

Her face is to be forever etched in my mind

Her loveliness to be ensconced in my soul and in my heart

I will never see her again

But the sight of her

I never will forget

And I will never feel the same again

For any other woman.

For me

There will be only one woman

Whom I would ever want to with on our beloved earth

She robbed me of my love for others

But it is a price I would gladly pay

To have spent an hour

In her presence.


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