We want you ( WordPress bloggers) as a radio talk-show guest!!!!

We want you ( WordPress bloggers) as a radio talk-show guest!!!!.



We have received a lot of likes and a lot of nice comments about many of our postings. We looked at who viewed us and sent these comments and likes and we see that there are a tremendous amount of creative, dynamic, interesting, thinking and bright people on WordPress. WordPress seems to be a little more intellectual than some of these other social media sites. We invite you at any time to come on our internet radio station and talk about anything you have on your posts. We would have a lot to talk about, and it would be fun and interesting and a good way for you to get your message out there across the world. You can get back to us at spinmoscow@aol.com (We started as primarily an English speaking Russian talk radio show and that is still the majority of our programming) or at academicstrategies@comcast.net Thank you, and we look forward to doing a show with you. Stephen Stimson, James Tuthill and WWW.I-NETRADIO.COM. P.S. The woman in the picture is a fabulous soprano who has appeared on our show!!

Does this man look scary to you??

My name is James Tuthill, and I am the co-host of the world-wide Internet radio show, Springtime in Moscow. We really do have some very good, informative, entertaining, serious and sometimes funny shows. We broadcast 24/7, on WWW.I-NETRADIO.COM


I have come across some very talented, smart and engaging people on the WordPress blog.I would love for any and all of you to come on my show by video conferencing , Skype, and record a segment with me on some of the subjects on your blog. We will pre-record, and if you hate the segment we will burn it and not play it!!


I am a good host and a former trial lawyer. Listen for 5 minutes to the show, and you will see that you would have a good time. Don’t be shy; I’m not scary.Contact me at academicstrategies@comcast.net and we’ll set up a recording time. And you can promote whatever you are doing!


Thanks, James

via Does this man look scary to you??.