Pushkin It’s Time, My Friend

It's time, my friend, it's time! The peace is craved by hearts...  
Days flow after days -- each hour departs
A bit of life -- and both, you and I,
Plan a long life, but could abruptly die.

The world hasn't happiness, but there is freedom, peace.
And long have I daydreamed the life of bliss --
And long have planned, a tired slave, the flight
To the removed abode of labor and delight.  

My Mountain by James Tucci

My mountain

It was a sunny day

A lone mountain rose in front of me

Snow covered the peak

Fur trees dotted the base

And little patches of ice and snow lay on the ground at the bottom

This mountain was just one of thousands in the Sierra Nevada range

There was nothing special about it

But it was special to me

For at that very moment it was the mountain that I was looking at

The one I admired

The one I loved

It was my mountain

Mine to love

To see to watch

No one else in the world even knew it existed

But I did

And I loved my mountain and it loved me

And as the sun set in the west

And darkness fell all around

Until all was pitch black

I still saw my mountain

To me it shone like the bright stars in the heavens above

To me it bespoke of majesty and grandeur

A supremacy that the darkness of the evening and the night

Could never replace

For my mountain was there and it would be there in the morning

And it would be there for eternity

My mountain had lived for over four billion years

It lived right now

And it will always live in the world

In my eyes and in my soul

Much in life can be taken away

But my mountain will always stand

And I will stand with it

James Tucci

Miami, Florida

Blue Eyes on New Years Eve by James Tucci

Blue Eyes on New Years Eve

I looked into her eyes

They were blue- very blue.

I wondered what she was thinking

What thoughts lurked behind that smile

She was the most beautiful woman in the world

Looking at her

It was hard to make sense of things

Why I had never in my life seen a women this beautiful and wonderful before

Where had she appeared from

But more importantly

Why was I sitting here with her on the Atlantic

Allowed by the gods to look at her to talk to her

Who had brought her into my presence?

How had this happened?

Angels do not magically alight in my world

There had to be a connection between us

Formed in another life in another time

Another time she said that when I wrote to her I could tell what was in her mind

She was surprised and a bit mystified

I was not

I knew her mind and her feelings as well as I knew my own

While I knew I could never have her

Or make love to her

I knew that she would be mine forever

A higher power had brought her to me

And though we might not be joined together in this lifetime

We would be together in the next

Of that I was sure I had no doubt

Something inside me told me it was true

And here on earth she would be part of my mind body heart and soul

No matter where we were

Regardless of what we were doing

We would be on each other’s minds

Eternity would be ours

Of this I have no doubt

No man no potentate can ever separate our souls

It was meant to be

That ours was to be a journey through the universe together

This I will always believe and I will always know.

James Tucci

Miami, Floridawomen 88 women 147

The Poem “A Peaceful World” by James Tucci – Listen to James 24/7 on WWW.I-NETRADIO.COM

A Peaceful World

One person who is happy

Happy with themselves

With others

And the world around them

Will touch another

Inspire another

And move another

To pass along this feeling of joy

Of love and peace

And this sensation

Will start in one small place

A tiny community

And it shall ripple out across the states the countries and the world

World peace shall be achieved

And it may have all stated with one small person

A person who is nothing more than a little stone upon the road of life

But it can happen!

James Tucci

Miami, Floridaamerica 913

To do Good for One Another

To do Good for One Another.


The Reality of Life

It is not easy to navigate the currents of our lives

We are born with an appearance and a nature

Both infused with the essence of life

This is the point at which we start the journey

From there we use our innate power and energy

To make the decisions, the causes, the choices

Which influence us and those around us

Eventually the effects of our energies are realized

For the better or the worse.

We can only hope that along the way

We have been true to our hearts and souls and inner beings

And that the actions we have taken make us proud

Proud to be alive

Proud to be doing something for the world and those around us.

Only time will tell how the fruits of our actions are borne out

And only time will tell whether the marks we leave upon this world

Are those which will further mankind in its endeavor

To finally and fully realize for all eternity

That we come from the one to form the one

Making it our lifetime mission to do good for one another

James Tucci


Russian Winter- Russian Soul

Russian Winter- Russian Soul.


The Russian Winter-The Russian Soul

The Russian winter…

It is a hard one.

Epiphany frosts,

The hinterland of Yakutia,

The degrees fall fast,

And the Sun

Forgets Mother Russia.

Yet the winter is often Russia’s greatest ally.

Turning back the Swedes,

While later the winds of December and the gales of January

Saw the Germans starve and surrender at Stalingrad.

The ice and the snow had vanquished the German foes.

The Red Banner flew over the city in triumph.

The descendants of Peter and Catherine had prevailed.

The enemy but destroyed by the snows and ice,

That on many occasions have been Russia’s strongest friends.

The Russian winter is often a white splendor,

Sparkling and glittering in the waning light of the day.

Yet more than that,

It has forged the Russian soul,

A soul that runs deeper and wider

Then those in other places.

A soul with the capacity to love, to fight, to seek, to feel the life

To know the life and understand it.

Yes from the winter, the cold, the fury,

Comes the Russian soul

It is the Russian winter

That sets apart the Russian soul

And makes the Russian man and the Russian woman

Sparkle like bright stars

Amidst the Milky Way

At times the same as all the rest

But for all time always different

James Tucci

Miami, Florida

October 4, 2013






Who is a friend?

It is someone who makes you happy when you hear their voice

Who is interested in what you have to say

Who cares when things go wrong for you

Who is happy for your victories and successes

Who wants to know what you are doing

Who is there to talk to you

And who grieves when bad fortune comes your way

And who will remember you every day

When you have departed this planet for another place


That is a friend.

James Tucci

Palm Bay

Miami, Florida

September 30, 2013

The Russian Winter. It is not an easy one.

The Russian Winter. It is not an easy one.

The Russian Winter

For a visitor to Moscow,
Whether it be from the States or Western Europe,
The city is at first a bit daunting
And seemingly closed to strangers.
But once that initial contact is made,
From one person to another,
It is readily apparent
That no matter our place of origin
Nor where we make our home,
We emanate from the one
And it is here in Moscow that we form the one.
We are all children of the universe
And Gogol’s Russian soul runs deep
In this very cold and beautiful world.
I left my time in Moscow
With the words of Pushkin pulsating in my heart
“I Loved You.”

James Tucci 2013

Sunset on the Gulf of Mexico and an ode to the end of the day

Sunset on the Gulf of Mexico and an ode to the end of the day.

The sun sets each day,

And another day has gone by

Never to be recaptured.

The memories may linger for a while,

But the moment has been lost forever.

What can we say we did

As the sun sets each day?

Taking away any chance to have done better.

Photo by Melissa Tuthill Photography

and My Wonderland Photography All Rights Reserved 2013

Poem by James Tucci All Rights Reserved 2013

Mr. Ikeda and Nichiren Buddhism- SGI

Mr. Ikeda and Nichiren Buddhism- SGI.


Life is about scaling one mountain, then facing the next one, and the one after that. Those who persevere finally succeed in conquering the highest of mountains. On the other hand, those who avoid such challenges by taking the easy route will only descend into the valleys.

 Mr. Ikeda

Nam Myoho Renge Kyo- Mr. Ikeda and Nichiren Buddhism- Sat. Aug 31 at 11 AM, 2 and 8 PM NY time Life, Success, Difficulties- SGI