The Confession to the Church of Ak-47 Inventor Kalashnikov

The Confession to the Church of Ak-47 Inventor Kalashnikov.


Jan 20 Mon. RUSSIAN NEWS! Sochi Olympics; Journalist Barred; A Romanov returns to Russia; Kalashnikov and the AK-47; St. Petersburg remembers the 900 day WWII siege of Leningrad; History in Russian schools and more with Mikhail from Moscow WWW.I-NETRADIO.COM 1,4,7,10 EST NY 10 PM 1 Am (Tues) Moscow

The Russian Love

The Russian Love.


The Russian Love

I need you

More than life itself

For without you

There is no life

You are the moon the sun and the stars

The flowers the birds the trees

It is dark without you

There can be no joy

All that sees me through

Is knowing that you are out there

Somewhere in this world

Seven hours to the east of me

In some unknown place

But knowing that you are alive and on our little planet

Gives me the strength

To awaken to the next day

And face the world

Never certain that before my time in this mystic land comes to an end

That I will ever see you again