Inside America Today – Foods That Hurt You, Guns in Airports, UFO’s, Russian Spies WWW.I-NETRADIO.COM Wed Jan 28

Jan 28 Wed WWW.I-NETRADIO.COM Tammy George Takes Us Inside America Today. Guns, Hand Grenades, Knives Showing up at Airports – Russian Spies in NY Banks – UFO’s Over Massachusetts Sending Landing Craft – “Healthy Foods” That are Actually Bad for You –  All the Wrong Ways to Lose Weight – 1, 4, 7, 10 PM EST NY Boston Miami – 10 AM San Francisco- 12 Noon Sioux City Iowa – 6 PM London – 8 PM Kiev – 9 PM Moscowamerica 109bad food 13tsa

The Confession to the Church of Ak-47 Inventor Kalashnikov

The Confession to the Church of Ak-47 Inventor Kalashnikov.


Jan 20 Mon. RUSSIAN NEWS! Sochi Olympics; Journalist Barred; A Romanov returns to Russia; Kalashnikov and the AK-47; St. Petersburg remembers the 900 day WWII siege of Leningrad; History in Russian schools and more with Mikhail from Moscow WWW.I-NETRADIO.COM 1,4,7,10 EST NY 10 PM 1 Am (Tues) Moscow

The Russian Love

The Russian Love.


The Russian Love

I need you

More than life itself

For without you

There is no life

You are the moon the sun and the stars

The flowers the birds the trees

It is dark without you

There can be no joy

All that sees me through

Is knowing that you are out there

Somewhere in this world

Seven hours to the east of me

In some unknown place

But knowing that you are alive and on our little planet

Gives me the strength

To awaken to the next day

And face the world

Never certain that before my time in this mystic land comes to an end

That I will ever see you again


Katya Belinsky- the World’s Greatest Russian- American Artist

Katya Belinsky- the World’s Greatest Russian- American Artist.

Katya Belinsky’s “The Veil” sold for $75,000 at Art Basil in Miami , Florida. This original painting was created in Austin, Texas, and was the recipient of the Lone Star A

ward for the year 2012.



The G-20 Summit- It’s really about Syria, Obama and Putin


The G-20 Summit- It’s really about Syria, Obama and Putin.



(CNN) — It’s supposed to be a summit about the global economy, but the debate over possible military strikes for Syria’s apparent use of chemical weapons is already overshadowing the G-20 conference this week.

The meeting in Russia will pit two leaders with polar opposite views on Syria — U.S. President Barack Obama, who wants to launch limited military strikes against the Syrian regime, and Russian President Vladimir Putin, whose country stands by its longtime ally in the Middle East.

The views of the 18 other countries at the G-20 run the gamut — but could be influenced by whatever happens in St. Petersburg.


Katya Belinsky, and “The Right Kind of Politics.” White supremacist buys up North Dakota town; Hockey players won’t boycott Olympics to support gays in Russia- it’s about the games not the gays they say. Russia sends ship and sub to Syria, while Obama sinks. Who cares about Syria- let them all shoot each other. FBI surveilling Syrians in US- no more September surprises. Hear Katya, the rightest Russian- American at 1, 4, 7, 10 PM NY time 9 and 12 Midnight Moscow on WWW.I-NETRADIO.COM Thursday Sept 5. 

Katya Belinsky takes on the Clintons

Katya Belinsky takes on the Clintons.


Katya the RIGHTEST Russian–American tells you; The Clinton Body Count ; Why Hillary can’t be President; Clinton Foundation spends 50 million on travel since 03; Kerry reinstates Benghazi fall guys; Muslims killing Christians in Egypt; teenagers murder Australian ball player; NSA grabs 10’s  of thousands of US emails; and more on The RIGHT Kind of Politics at 1, 4,7, 10 PM NY time on Wed Aug. 28

Russian- American Entrepreneur- Business Freedom Through Technology

Russian- American Entrepreneur- Business Freedom Through Technology.


Russian Entrepreneur goes to Silicon Valley; starts company, now the biggest in mobile application direct printing. Michael Pastushkov will tell you about becoming free to pursue your dreams through technology. Become independent, grow, maintain, changing along the way, exiting, and loving what you do. With Larissa Wilms-Bailley. On at 1, 4,7,10 PM NY time 9 Pm and Midnight Moscow on Mon, Aug 26.

Russian Soprano Russian Greatness Ekaterina Gavrilova

Russian Soprano Russian Greatness Ekaterina Gavrilova.


Ekaterina is one of the greatest sopranos in the world today and she is Russian, through and through. Find out why Russia has the best classical music on WWW.I-NETRADIO.COM at 12 Noon and 8 PM NY time and 8 PM Moscow time weekdays.

Russia’s Eternal Glory- A beautiful Poem, the Wanderer by Dmitry Bazilenko

Russia’s Eternal Glory- A beautiful Poem, the Wanderer by Dmitry Bazilenko.

Dmitry Bazilenko
Heavy road wanderer.
Not a penny to his name.
And as if his feet bare,

on the cobblestones.
Blood oozing, knocked legs hurt.
Heart beating out of my chest.
Like a lonely bird,
from the depths to the heights breaks.
Broad Russian mother.
Throughout the temples and palaces.
But everywhere on the porch,
Poverty is missing.
Though Russia eternal glory
the breadth of his soul.
How to find a shelter.
If everywhere is not so.
As written in Scripture,
Is not that for us.
And everywhere now wanderers
and deceit in business.
From very early in the morning mayhem.
The first guests at the ball.
Those that remember you gentlemen,
Remember his Christ.
In the church I see often go.
Not only on you cross.
And with chains of gold,
Decoration of Satan.
After all, the camel is even easier
jump through the eye of a needle.
On the perfidy of your gold,
on tears and blood.
And that is where the wanderer
to find happiness.
After all, Russia eternal glory
the breadth of his soul.

We hope to have Dmitry as a guest soon on English Speaking Russian Talk Radio I-NETRADIO.COM

Juliet’s Waltz by the Russian Soprano, Ekaterina Gabrilova

Juliet’s Waltz by the Russian Soprano, Ekaterina Gabrilova.


Roméo et Juliette (Romeo and Juliet) is known around the world, and this week Ekaterina Gabrilova sings soprano in Juliet’s Waltz. Romeo and Juliet is one of the greatest operas in western culture. It is composed in five acts by Charles Gounod to a French libretto by Jules Barbier and Michel Carré, based on The Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare. It was first performed at the Théâtre Lyrique (Théâtre-Lyrique Impérial du Châtelet), Paris on 27 April 1867. This opera is notable for the series of four duets for the main characters and the waltz song “Je veux vivre” for the soprano.



Overture prologue:

A short chorus sets the scene of the rival families in Verona.

A masked ball in the Capulets’ palace

Tybalt talks to Pâris about Juliette, who appears with her father. Roméo, Mercutio, Benvolio and their friends enter, disguised, and Mercutio sings a ballad about Queen Mab, after which Juliette sings a joyful waltz song. The first meeting between Roméo and Juliette takes place, and they fall in love. But Tybalt re-appears and suspects that the hastily re-masked Roméo is his rival. While Tybalt wants immediate revenge, Capulet orders that the ball continue.




The sizzling Soprano from Russia, Ekaterina Gavrilova, winner of The International Singing Competition “ Musica Classica” in Moscow. Singing, Gilda’s aria from Verdi’s opera “Rigoletto,” Juliet’s Waltz from Gounod’s “Romeo and Juliet,” Gavotte from Massenet’s opera “Manon,” and more. Ekaterina gives a short commentary on the pieces. The week of August 19 on The Classical Music Hour with Cristina Botnari at 12 Noon and 8 PM NY time and 8 PM and 4 AM Moscow time on WWW.I-NETRADIO.COM  the leader in Classical Music!