The Love Remains

The Love Remains

What will tomorrow bring?

All the things that we hope for and desire

Or disappointment?

Regardless of the outcome

We shall survive

And we shall live

To face the next day

And the next sunrise

And when the sun sets in the west

We shall carry the day’s memories with us

For they can never take the memories from us

And those memories shall see us through

Till the next day

And the love that we have for those special ones around us

Shall remain in our hearts

James Tucci-The Flame Never dies

James Tucci-The Flame Never dies.


Where is the woman I long for

She has gone way

It seems strange

For this time of year

This is the place that she should be

I do not know whether to worry

Or even to care

I have not seen her

For many a day

I am sure she does not even think of me

Nor have any interest in where I am

She has no concern for my being

But I cannot expunge her from my mind

She lives inside me

So I sit here and wonder

Of whom she is with

And where she resides

And of course


My flame for her never dies