The most beautiful Russian woman

The most beautiful Russian woman

An ode to an angelic Russian woman from an American man who will never forget her vision

Where were you when I needed you?
I know
By the time I was marching into the cruel and ugly world of business you were not even born
As I started my career you were a little girl in Moscow
And I was eight thousand miles away in Miami
When you finally came to the United States at fourteen I was forty- two
I had no idea that you even existed
As you returned to Russia and became an expert in your field
We were separated by miles and oceans
Again we were barely in the same universe
Only two little dots running through the world
Finally you came here
You made a new life for yourself
And I was doing the same
We were both traveling
On a journey through space
Again your presence was unknown to me
I had met some women
But none were for me
Or maybe I was not for them
Then one day I called a lady
And she said you would be perfect for the venture I was exploring
You answered on the second ring
We agreed to meet across from the Atlantic Ocean
The place was very dark
Candles flickered on the tables
The fountains danced and sparkled amid the wind and lights
I arrived and I called you on the phone
You said were already seated
As I came closer
You rose up and extended your hand
And I looked into your eyes
Without knowing it at the time
I saw the heart of Pushkin and the soul of Gogol
I saw everything wonderful and beautiful that life had to offer
Yours was the most beautiful face I had ever seen
I pursued you
We met we talked
We exchanged messages
Even poetry
But the gap was too great between us
You could never be mine
It was all a dream
Which could never be fulfilled
But to this very moment you are often on my mind
And I will always love you and wonder where you are
And what it is you are doing
Though I am relegated to love you from afar
And see only your image in my mind
You will always be a part of me
I will dream of you and what could have been
If only separated by a few less years in age and a few less miles across the broad expanse of earth
In another life you could have been mine
And I so hope that in the next life we will be joined for eternity
I have not given up the dream nor the love
I love you
And I always will
My wonderful Russian beauty

An unknown author to an unknown woman