Goodbye For Now My Russian Beauty

Goodbye For Now My Russian Beauty

No Matter Where I Go

I will be leaving
This place from which I can see your home every morning
And think about you every night
Though I cannot see you
It warms my heart to know that you are there
Just the thought of you stirs my heart
In my mind I can see you and your smile
Your eyes that sparkle
Your voice that tells me you care for me
Though we rarely saw each other
I knew that you loved me
It was simply not to be
There were too many obstacles
Too many things that came between us
And prohibited us from being together
But though I am leaving for a new home and a new world
You will be in my thoughts forever
No matter where I shall be
I will always be thinking of you
And your safety, your happiness and your being
We may be many miles removed from one another
But in my dreams and my thoughts you will always be here next to me
And that is where you will be until the day I leave this world
I shall love you until I take my last breath
And even then you will never be far from me
Because it was preordained
That we be linked and joined in this cosmos
Forever I will love you
My wonderful beauty

James Tucci
Written in Miami, Florida for the most beautiful woman in the world,
The Russian Beauty,
The greatest woman who ever lived,
Who came from Moscow,
To grace my world and make the world a better place,
To let all of us know why women were put on this planet….
To give meaning to our souls!