An Old Man

An Old Man

The End of a Family

There was an old man
Who lived down the street
I saw him outside his house upon occasion
He was walking around looking at the weeds in his bushes
And the paint peeling from his fence
His car had been placed in the garage for many years
Never moved just sitting there idle
The trees in his yard sprouted buds in the spring
And later leaves
Only to shed them a few months later floating to the ground
To lie on his lawn
Never to be raked
The snow fell upon them
A window never opened
A shade never closed
No lights were turned on
There appeared no life inside
No comings or going
It was reputed that his family
Once had lived there
Only to die away as the fall turns to winter
Their names no longer remembered
Nor what they did
What he had done in life no one knew for sure
The only thing they knew
Was that he was an old man
Who would someday die too
And then who would live in his house
No one knew
Not even him
James Tucci
May 29, 2014

Did Life Just Occur or Was It Created?

Did Life Just Occur or Was It Created.



Did Life on earth just occur or was it created? Is there an afterlife? What is a soul? Are we all zombies? Is Religion valid? Author Bob Angelo takes on all these questions from his new book. Bob is the existential expert. Nov 12 Tues on WWW.I-NETRADIO.COM  at 1, 4, 7, 10 PM NY EST and 10 PM and 1 AM (Wed) Moscow -What’s life all about?