To do Good for One Another

To do Good for One Another

The Reality of life

It is not easy to navigate the currents of our lives
We are born with an appearance and a nature
Both infused with the essence of life
This is the point at which we start the journey
From there we use our innate power and energy
To make the decisions, the causes, the choices
Which influence us and those around us
Eventually the effects of our energies are realized
For the better or the worse.
We can only hope that along the way
We have been true to our hearts and souls and inner beings
And that the actions we have taken make us proud
Proud to be alive
Proud to be doing something for the world and those around us.
Only time will tell how the fruits of our actions are borne out
And only time will tell whether the marks we leave upon this world
Are those which will further mankind in its endeavor
To finally and fully realize for all eternity
That we come from the one to form the one
Making it our lifetime mission to do good for one another

James Tucci