The meadow, A poem by James Tucci

The meadow

I walked down the road

Up ahead was a fence

When I saw that fence it made me wonder

What lay behind it

It was a low fence

I reached it and lifted my legs over it

Beyond it was a meadow

With wild yellow and pale red flowers

Popping out of the tall grass that swayed in the breeze

The meadow had some standing water

So I stopped and gazed out

To where the meadow crossed into the sky

At that moment I knew that life was endless

I would never know all the paths or all the answers

But I knew I was glad to have climbed over that fence

James Tucci

Thanksgiving Day

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Palm Bay Yacht Club, Miami, Florida

Russian Women in Politics; Learn to Speak Russian; Nightclubs in Moscow


Gender Gap Wide in Russian Politics- Russian Women want to advance; Shooting in Southern Russia over an ancient philosopher; How to learn to speak Russian, and nightlife in September at Russian clubs. Today, Thurs. Sept 19 on WWW.I-NETRADIO.COM at 7 and 10 PM NY time and 3 and 6 AM Fri. Moscow