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Blue Eyes on New Years Eve by James Tucci

Blue Eyes on New Years Eve

I looked into her eyes

They were blue- very blue.

I wondered what she was thinking

What thoughts lurked behind that smile

She was the most beautiful woman in the world

Looking at her

It was hard to make sense of things

Why I had never in my life seen a women this beautiful and wonderful before

Where had she appeared from

But more importantly

Why was I sitting here with her on the Atlantic

Allowed by the gods to look at her to talk to her

Who had brought her into my presence?

How had this happened?

Angels do not magically alight in my world

There had to be a connection between us

Formed in another life in another time

Another time she said that when I wrote to her I could tell what was in her mind

She was surprised and a bit mystified

I was not

I knew her mind and her feelings as well as I knew my own

While I knew I could never have her

Or make love to her

I knew that she would be mine forever

A higher power had brought her to me

And though we might not be joined together in this lifetime

We would be together in the next

Of that I was sure I had no doubt

Something inside me told me it was true

And here on earth she would be part of my mind body heart and soul

No matter where we were

Regardless of what we were doing

We would be on each other’s minds

Eternity would be ours

Of this I have no doubt

No man no potentate can ever separate our souls

It was meant to be

That ours was to be a journey through the universe together

This I will always believe and I will always know.

James Tucci

Miami, Floridawomen 88 women 147

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Why is Russia Banning Movies and Underwear?

Why is Russia Banning Movies and Underwear?

Mon June 23 WWW.I-NETRADIO.COM English Speaking Russian Talk Radio: Why is Russia Banning high heels, canvas sneakers, ballet flats and lace underwear (We are not kidding!)? Is Russia Supplying Eastern Ukraine Separatists? Ukraine and Russia Cry Fascism! Why Did Russian Authorities Ban Movie with Lesbian scene? Is Russia and Gazprom Cutting Off Ukraine’s Oil? And more with Ivan from Moscow 1, 4, 7, 10 PM EDT NY – 9 PM Moscow – 8 PM Kiev – 6 PM London – 10 AM San Francisco and Sacramento