#Trump the #Fascist #Neo-#nazi White Supremacist

Video and his Father : Neo-,White Supremacists, Investigated Exposedfred-and-donald-2

Fred and Donald Trump – a Family of Fascists, White Supremacists and Neo-Nazis

The Video that exposes the White Supremacist History of the Fred and Family.fred-and-donald-5

Hillary’s Emails Who Cares?

http://I-NETRADIO.COM Fri May 27 Hillary’s Emails:Will They Cost Her the Election or Land Her in Jail? 9,10,11 AM 1,4,7,10 PM EDThillary 6798

Can Bernie Win the White House? WWW.I-NETRADIO.COM Wed Jan 13

bernie 15.jpg

Afternoon Special WWW.I-NETRADIO.COM Who in the World is Bernie Sanders? Can He Win the Election? Jan 13 Wed 1,4,7,10 PM EST NY

Elections 2016 The Issues WWW.I-NETRADIO.COM Tues Sept 8

WWW.I-NETRADIO.COM Tues Sept 8 – Elections USA: The Voters Face the Issues- Hillary, Unions, Abortion, Children at Risk, 1, 4, 7, 10 PM EDT NY – 10 AM San Francisco – 12 Noon Chicago – 6 PM London – 7 PM Copenhagen – 8 PM Moscow Kievcampaign 2

Will Donald Trump be the Next President of the USA? WWW.I-NETRADIO.COM Wed July 15

Wed July 15 WWW.I-NETRADIO.COM #DONALD #TRUMP What Kind of a #Presidential Candidate Does He Make? Should He Be President of the #USA? What Would He Do as #President? 1, 4, 7, 10 PM EDT NY – 10 AM San Francisco Los Angeles – 12 Noon Sioux City Chicago – 6 PM London – 7 PM Berlin – 8 PM Kiev Moscow  donald 9

OBAMA Has Brought The USA Peace And Prosperity It’s A Fact!! WWW.I-NETRADIO.COM April 3 Fri

Friday April 3 WWW.I-NETRADIO.COM PRESIDENT OBAMA: Why He has been a Great President, How He has Helped the Country, and His Greatest Accomplishments. He has Brought Us Peace and Prosperity – 1, 4, 7, 10 PM EDT NY NJ Providence Phila Miami – 10 AM San Francisco Los Angeles – 12 Noon Sioux City Dallas – 6 PM London – 7 PM Copenhagen Berlin – 8 PM Moscow Kiev  – Protecting America at Home and Abroadobama 309

Tammy George Pres. Obama and the State of the Union Address Jan 22 Thurs WWW.I-NETRADIO.COM

Jan 22 WWW.I-NETRADIO.COM Tammy George Gives Her Response ,Rebuttal and Analysis for Pres. Obama’s State of the Union Address. Nobody Thinks It and Says It Like Tammy George!! 1, 4, 7, 10 PM EST NY Miami Philadelphia Washington DC – 12 Noon Sioux City San Antonio – 10 AM San Francisco Sacramento – 6 PM London – 8 PM Kiev – 9 PM Moscowobama

The Sports World Can be Interesting

Mon July 21 WWW.I-NETRADIO.COM with Sports Announcer Gabe Godur talking about LeBron James; Rory Mcllroy; Hitters having a bad year in Baseball, Boxer Floyd Mayweather calls Reporter Racist, Tiger Woods won’t control his game; US President had a secret Baseball career. 1, 4, 7, 10 PM EDT NY – 10 AM Los Angeles – 12 PM Dallas – 6 PM London, Liverpool – 7 PM Dusseldorf  

 tiger 3

Who Ordered the Watergate Break-in and Why?

Who Ordered the Watergate Break-in and Why?

Fri Feb 21 Len Colodny author of Silent Coup reveals the secret political goals and personal motives that caused the Watergate break-in and destroyed Richard Nixon. WWW.I-NETRADIO.COM at 1, 4, 7, 10 PM EST 12 Noon Dallas 11 AM Phoenix 10 AM Los Angeles