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Fall in the Tropics




It is October in Miami.


For those who have lived here for many years,


We sense the change in the seasons,


The air is not filled with water;


Nor are the skies.


The big heavy clouds have disappeared.


No longer is it ninety in the day.


Each evening the sun sets earlier,


As a big glowing orange ball,


That descends more rapidly,


As it nears the horizon.


When our toes first stab the surf,


The water is cool for a second,


Even if it is still rather warm for the rest of the world.


The flowers have stopped blooming on the trees.


We know that Thanksgiving and Christmas


Are just around the corner.


And for us the occasional chill of winter is on the way.


A well-earned respite from the dog-days of summer.




James Tucci


Miami, Florida