Trump’s New War on Islam – His New Travel Ban #Trump’s New War on #Islam His New Travel Ban This #YouTube Video exposes his lies and hatred of #Muslims


Trump Has no Facts No Sources for Wiretap Lies

Trump Lies about Obama to Cover-up Trump’s Crimes Narrated by James M. Tuthill radio host

Trump’s Travel Ban- Not About Security- Promoting White Supremacy

#Trump’s Travel Ban isn’t About Security It’s a Hatred and Bigotry Aganist #Muslims New #YouTube 78.jpg

#Trump’s Lies from Inauguration #Congressional Appearance #YouTube #Trump’s #Lies from #Inauguration to #Congressional Appearance trump-lies-2

Trump’s War Against Islam amd Muslims

Video: ‘s War Against We Expose Violence Againt Since Inauguration and His Silence

Hillary’s Emails Who Cares?

http://I-NETRADIO.COM Fri May 27 Hillary’s Emails:Will They Cost Her the Election or Land Her in Jail? 9,10,11 AM 1,4,7,10 PM EDThillary 6798