Get out of the trap, get unstuck!!

Get out of the trap, get unstuck!!.


Get UN-STUCK in life: identify the TRAP, reassess your life, reinvent yourself, eliminate distractions, play hard-ball, give it everything you’ve got, ask what you can give to the world . It’s not easy- it takes brains, will-power, determination. But Author, Deborah Johnson, can show you how to escape loneliness, isolation, abandonment and confusion. Monday Sept. 9 WWW.I-NETRADIO.COM at 1, 4, 7, 10 PM NY -3 Los Angeles + 8 Moscow

Russian- American Entrepreneur- Business Freedom Through Technology

Russian- American Entrepreneur- Business Freedom Through Technology.


Russian Entrepreneur goes to Silicon Valley; starts company, now the biggest in mobile application direct printing. Michael Pastushkov will tell you about becoming free to pursue your dreams through technology. Become independent, grow, maintain, changing along the way, exiting, and loving what you do. With Larissa Wilms-Bailley. On at 1, 4,7,10 PM NY time 9 Pm and Midnight Moscow on Mon, Aug 26.